Former Lab Members

Mari Amato

Mari Amato - Graduate Research Assistant

Mari Amato (she/her) is a second year master’s student in the Child and Family Development program at San Diego State University. Previously, she attended San Jose State University, earning a B.A. in  Psychology. Mari’s research interests center around culture, gender identity, and sexuality, and how the intersection of these identity factors impacts the experiences of adolescents and emerging adults. 


Hannah Reynolds

Hannah Reynolds - Graduate Research Assistant

Hannah Reynolds (she/her) is a first year student in SDSU’s MPH program, emphasizing in Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences. She recently graduated in 2022 from SDSU with her Bachelor of Science in Public Health. This will be her second year contributing to the SHEL Lab. Her interests include promoting community health through equitable healthcare services, disease prevention, sexual health and wellbeing, and queer sexual and reproductive health equity.  

Sandhya MuthuramalingamSandhya Muthuramalingam - Undergraduate Research Assistant

Sandhya Muthuramalingam (she/her) is a 4th year undergraduate student obtaining a BS in Public Health with a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies. Her interests include addressing health inequity for minority groups and improving health literacy rates for underserved communities.

   Audrey Bowman - Undergraduate Research Assistant

   Audrey Bowman (she/her) is a 4th year student of Public Health at San Diego State                   University. She chose Public Health as her major because since she was in high school, she     has recognized the inequities and challenges that marginalized communities face.                   Looking ahead, she has her mind set on becoming an optometrist with a goal to advance       beneficence, champion diversity, equity, and inclusion, and uphold justice within systems       on a global scale.

   She is deeply committed to engaging with underrepresented communities, exploring             diverse cultures through travel, and contributing to the betterment of those in need.