Completed Research

Applying Behavioral Economic Incentives to Support Implementation of PrEP in a Trans Community Center

This project plans to leverage our ongoing community-academic collaboration to  conduct a sequential cohort design where three cohorts of transgender/non-binary  participants will be recruited from a transgender-based community center currently  implementing a community-led PrEP program to collect preliminary data on the  acceptability, feasibility, and preliminary effects of three discrete behavioral  economic approaches for encouraging engagement in the PrEP program currently    being implemented at the Los Angeles Trans Wellness Center.

(NIMH P30 MH058107-26S5)

Examining the Associations of Structural Factors, Substance Use, Mental Health, and Resilience with HIV Care Engagement and Viral Suppression among Young Black Sexual Minority Men

   This pilot project supports the exploratory analysis of data from a community            cohort of YBSMM in the US South will shed light on the associations                            between structural factors, substance use, IPV, resiliency, and HIV                                  care engagement and viral suppression and will support the submission of an          intervention development grant to improve mental health and HIV care                      continuum outcomes.

    (NIMH P30 MH058107)


Risk and Protective Factors for Adherence to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) in Transgender Women of Color

This study leveraged an ongoing study of racially and ethnically diverse trans women enrolled in the Southern California based PrEP demonstration project, in order to conduct mixed-methods research to assess the risk and resiliency factors most associated with PrEP adherence among trans women of color.

 (NIDA R21 DA044073)



Developing a PrEP Screening Instrument for Identification/Referral of High-Risk MSM in Primary Care

    This mixed methods study developed and pilot-tested a PrEP screening instrument      for the facilitation of PrEP uptake among MSM that was integrated into primary              care clinic workflow based on provider-identified barriers and facilitators to sexual-        health screening.

    (NIDA R03 DA043402)




Investigating Resiliency in Preventing Binge Drinking and Stimulant Use among Black Men at High-risk for HIV

This project supported secondary analyses to determine the extent to which resiliency, gay pride/self-esteem, and social support moderated the relationship between stressful experiences of racism, homophobia, and internalized homophobia and the use of alcohol and other drugs among Black men at high-risk for HIV. 

(NIDA R03 DA042660)