Project Eros is a 5-year longitudinal cohort study that will examine the impact of romantic relationships on sexual health outcome such as HIV risk, sexually transmitted infections, and PrEP use. We also will investigate overall health, mental health, and general well-being among a racially and ethnically diverse cohort of 500 sexual minority men throughout the United States.

Project Eros is a collaborative project between researchers and staff at San Diego State University, the University of Michigan, and the RAND Corporation.

Project Eros is actively recruiting participants. Please email or text/call (213) 394-5221 if you are interested in participating.

PrEP Well is an intervention funded by a 3-year California HIV/AIDS Research Program Implementation Science Award for Ending the HIV Epidemic in California. The PrEP Well program is a comprehensive implementation strategy that addresses structural barriers to HIV prevention for transgender and non-binary persons by integrating culturally appropriate and gender-affirming PrEP care into existing sexual and gender wellness services at the Los Angeles Trans Wellness Center.

PrEP Well is actively enrolling participants. Please email or call ‪(714) 900-2878 if you are interested in participating.

The Texas YBMSM cohort will identify modifiable intervention targets for reducing substance use and intimate partner violence and strengthening engagement in the HIV care continuum during times of acute social and economic stress among young Black sexual minority men living with HIV in the US South.