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Sandhya Muthuramalingam and Hannah Reynolds present their poster, Patient and Provider Perceptions on the Influence of Intimate Partner Violence on Acquiring HIV and Access to HIV Preventative Services, at the 2023 SDSU Student Symposium. This project details the results of the first phase of Project Eros, joined by the SHEL’s qualitative research collaborator, Dr. Jenn Felner.

PrEP Well coordinators Chloe Opalo and April Saravia discussing the PrEP Well Program at the Trans Wellness Center with Maureen M. Goodenow, PhD, the Associate Director for AIDS Research and Director at the Office of AIDS Research at the National Institutes of Health.

Transgender Lab Research Team Addresses HIV Prevention

January 10, 2022 (SDSU News Center) | In a vital effort to reduce health disparities and barriers in the transgender community, San Diego State University public health researcher Erik Storholm has established an innovative lab and research partnership with the Transgender Wellness Center (TWC) in Los Angeles…

Undergraduate Student and SPH Faculty Collaboration on Health Inequities Research

November 15, 2021 (SDSU News & Announcements) | Erik Storholm, PhD is an assistant professor at the SDSU School of Public Health (SPH). He is also an adjunct Behavioral Scientist at the RAND Corporation, a core investigator at the Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services at UCLA, and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist…